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In the U.S., March 30 is National Doctors Day—an official day to express our gratitude to the doctors who work to keep us healthy. As you’re making your list, don’t forget the eye doctor!

Doctors who deserve a very special thank you are the more than 1,500 who have volunteered to provide free eye exams on board a VSP Mobile Eyes clinic to people who couldn’t otherwise afford eye care. Here are a few of the notes from grateful patients who received an eye exam from a VSP Mobile Eyes volunteer doctor:

  • I personally have been having headaches for the past 5-6 months. I have been trying to bear through the pain while being a full-time student, full-time parent, chauffeur, dietitian and PTA secretary. When the doctor told me I was straining my eyes and they were dry, it made sense! – D.W.
  • It was a great experience and the doctors were awesome. The customer service and staff…led me to choose a beautiful pair of glasses. You guys are the best. – L.D.
  • I can’t really express how grateful I am for this experience. My doctor was very thorough. She explained to me about vision and recommended bifocals. Thank you! – J.Z.M.
  • I’ve been having trouble with my eyes. I had a thorough exam and Dr. B. listened to my concerns with respect and patience. And I walked out with a brand new pair of glasses! – B.B.
  • Everything was awesome. Because of you, I can see again. Thanks to all the volunteers and volunteer doctors. – S.G.
  • The doctor provided information in a way that was understandable and sincere. Thank you for providing a needed service. 🙂 – C.R.
  • This process was fun, easy and very shocking. I did not know the problems I had with my eyes. The people and doctor were very friendly and professional. Thank you so much. – M.G.
  • What a blessing. The doctor and all the staff get 5 ***** stars. I love you so much. – D.L.J.

The team has also received a few “thank you” drawings from children who received eye exams, including these:

Letter from a young VSP Mobile Eyes patient

Thank you for my pretty glasses.


Letter from a young VSP Mobile Eyes patient

Dear VSP Mobile Clinic, Thank you for my glasses. I like them and they are pretty and you are pretty too.


Dear VSP Mobile Clinic, Thank you for the check up on my eyes and for the new glasses so I can see better and it’s not blurry anymore. It’s clear now. Thank you.

Tell us why you love your eye doctor in the comments…and make your annual eye exam appointment while you’re thinking about it. Don’t have an eye doctor? Find one on today.

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