A Meaningful Gift for a Fresh Start

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Longtime friends Julia and Andrea have been inseparable for the past seven years. When Andrea recently became unemployed, Julia knew she wanted to do something to help her friend. Knowing Andrea would be without income and insurance, Julia decided to give something that would help during this unforeseen time and set Andrea up for success in the future. Julia gave her a VSP Individual Vision Plan to go and get a no-cost eye exam and pick out eyewear, if needed. As it turns out, Andrea had never had an eye exam before.

“I didn’t think I needed an eye exam because I had never needed glasses or contacts and my vision seemed fine,” said Andrea.

However, since the individual vision plan was a gift from her friend, she thought there wasn’t any harm in going to get her eyes checked. Andrea scheduled her eye exam with a VSP network eye doctor located just up the street from where she lives.

“Since it was my first eye exam, I had a lot of questions about the machines,” said Andrea. “My eye doctor had a calm and warm demeanor and was very informative answering all of my questions.”

gift of sight

After the eye exam, the eye doctor informed Andrea that she did in fact need glasses for distance and driving. Although surprised, she remembered that signs had become blurry while driving recently. The eye doctor also asked if Andrea suffered from motion sickness. Shocked by the question and confused why he was asking, Andrea did indeed feel sick when she was riding in the passenger seat of a car.

“The eye doctor explained that one of my eyes’ line of sight is low and strains to keep up with the other eye causing me to feel sick in a moving car,” said Andrea. “He said my new glasses would most likely help with this.”

Andrea was excited to find out she could pick out her glasses from a wide variety of designer frames. The optician helped her find a frame that was lightweight and comfortable since it was Andrea’s first time wearing glasses.

“I found a pair that I can actually wear,” says Andrea. “They remind me of the frames my mom used to wear.”

gift of sight

Now that Andrea can see properly, she’s hopeful of what’s to come. “Job hunting is on the horizon, and I plan to start studying for the insurance license exam,” said Andrea.

If you’d like to help someone you love see clearly, give them the gift of sight.

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