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As a VSP Vision Care member, you have access to great eye doctors, eyewear, and the affordable care you deserve. And we want to be sure you get the most out of your vision benefit! We know vision care naturally comes with some questions, and we’re here to help. Here are five popular questions asked by VSP members:

1. Where’s all of my benefit information?

Your personalized benefit information and eligible services is just clicks away on If you don’t already have an account on—be sure to create one. Then, all you need to do is log into your account and your information will be outlined for you. It’s just there… waiting… go check it out!

2. Where’s my Member Vision Card? 

Don’t worry, you didn’t misplace your ID card! VSP doesn’t actively send ID cards, as they aren’t required for services. However, a card is available for you to print, if you’d like something to hold on to for reference. In order to print your card, you’ll need to create an account or log into your account on

3. How can I find a doctor near me?

VSP has a large network of highly-qualified eye doctors and there’s a tool on our website to help you choose the best doctor for you. Check out the “Find a Doctor” section on, fill in your location details and any other filtering options, and you’ll get a list of eye doctors based on your preferences. Tip! You can maximize your benefit when you visit an eye doctor who participates in the Premier Program. You’ll get a wide selection of featured frame brands (backed by a free one-year warranty), plus exclusive promotions and offers.

4. How do I submit a claim?

As a VSP member, you’ll always get the lowest out-of-pocket costs when you choose a VSP network doctor, and you don’t need to file a claim since they handle this for you. Yay! If you choose to see an out-of-network provider, your coverage will be less than with a VSP network doctor and you’ll pay higher out-of-pocket costs. Some out-of-network providers may submit the claim for you, or you’ll need to submit a claim online through your account or by mail.

5. How do I create an account on

It’s simple! If you have active VSP coverage, then visit the “Create an Account” page on and input the required information for each of the three steps. If you get notified that your account can’t be created, there may be a couple reasons. One being, you’ll need to be an active VSP member with effective coverage in order to create an account at this time. (If you’ve enrolled, but your coverage period hasn’t started yet, you’ll need to wait until it’s active.) Another reason may be you’re not the primary VSP member—only primary holders are able to create the account and not dependents’ info.

We hope this list helps you as well. If you ever have additional questions about your VSP membership (or if you want to become a VSP member!), check out this handy FAQ section on Or contact Member Services and we’ll be happy to assist you. Thank you for choosing VSP for your vision coverage!

P.S. Don’t forget to also check out the special offers to help you save even more.


  • Roger Tetrault says:

    I went to a vision store to buy (get a price) on a second set of glasses (place a lens in an existing frame) and the clerk said I was only eligible for the first prescription frame and lenses per year – which I already have done. Is this correct?



  • Ed Pratt says:

    If we buy glasses through Target but did not have the eye exam done there, can we get partial reimbursements for frames & lens?
    Thank you

    • Angelina F. says:

      Hi Ed,
      Looks like member services was able to connect with you. Let us know if you have any further questions.
      Best, Angelina F., VSP

  • Teresa Crouch says:

    Will VSP cover any Cataract Surgery?

    • Angelina F. says:

      Hi Teresa,
      No, check with your health insurance provider to see what coverage you have available and proper procedures to follow.
      Best, Angelina F., VSP

  • toni carlyle says:

    I have prescription, can I send or fax in to make a order for new glasses?

    • Angelina F. says:

      Hi Toni,
      If you have a valid prescription you can order glasses from your eye doctor or you may be interested in ordering glasses from To find a VSP network doctor near you, use the Find A Doctor search on
      Angelina F., VSP

  • Frances says:

    Does VSP cover any percentage of Lasik Surgery?

  • Brenda gibson says:

    Does this insurance pay refraction fee?

  • Helen Licata says:

    I’m very happy with this coverage. I have a triple prescription that I used to pay $800 for. That’s why I only got my eyes checked every 4 years. Now I get great glasses (I actually see better) for a great price and I go each year. Thank you!

  • I have tried to find a ophthalmologist that offers VSP in Bellingham Wa.and cannot
    locate one. Would you help?

    • Angelina F. says:

      Hi Bernadette,
      A member services representative has reached out via email to assist.
      -Angelina F., VSP

  • Janet Griffin says:

    I have been notified that VSP also has hearing coverage. Is that a separate policy or included under the eye-care one?

  • Neil Baxter says:

    I had laser assisted cataract surgery. Does the laser “lasik” coverage extend to the laser assisted surgery. Also, after the cataract surgery I will need another evaluation to determine the prescription for reading glasses. Is that coveere6?

    • Angelina F. says:

      Hi Neil,
      A representative from member services will be reaching out to you shortly via email.
      Angelina F., VSP

    • Meredith Gill says:

      I just called VSP and asked that exact same question. The answer was NO. Did you get a different answer? thanks

  • James P. Buckley says:

    I will be attending an ‘eclipse viewing’ party next month. Any tips, do I need to obtain special viewing lenses; if so, where can I get them?

  • Cori Spain says:

    Would have been helpful to get this email with instruction in early January rather than over half way through the year.

  • James Sullivan says:

    Who has the best selection and prices on prescription safety glasses? Clarkson has a very limited selection.

  • Jolee C Dennis says:

    I was previously enrolled, then did not receive an annual bill to continue covetable. How do I re-enroll?

  • Joe Johns says:

    These people cancelled my policy without notification. I wasn’t aware until I tried to log in as a member. I then checked my bank acct. & saw that the monthly VSP payment hadn’t been taken out in a while. I didn’t know that I had to rejoin every year to maintain coverage. Do they routinely drop customers without notice? I know they’ve got my email. I keep getting their newsletters. What’s up??

  • Judy Schrott says:

    Great Company Hassel Free and Really Really GREAT Prices

  • Vicki Brown says:

    Does VSP cover anything for cataract surgery?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Angelina F. says:

      Hi Vicki,
      No, this would fall under medical. Check with your health insurance provider to learn more about your coverage and specific procedures to follow.
      Angelina F., VSP

  • Jackie Gould says:

    I would like to create an account, but I don’t want to put my social security number down. I’d rather use my VSP account number. Where do I find that as there is no card.

  • Valrie Putney says:

    How do I find out if I have VSP coverage/

  • Gary Schroeder says:

    When it’s time to renew my insurance will I get a e-mail to renew?

    • Angelina F. says:

      Hi Gary,
      Someone from member services will reach out to you with more information. Keep an eye out for an email.
      Angelina F., VSP

  • Judy Tilley says:

    I hope others have a better experience with VSP than I had last year. I am cancelling my membership with them. However, if you are in a group this insurance is good, but individual plans are awful.

  • Allen Schaeffer says:

    First pair of glasses after cataract surgery. How do I get reimbursed? My provider didn’t specify, but charges me full price.

    • Angelina F. says:

      Thanks for you question. A representative from member services replied via email.
      -Angelina F., VSP

      • David Haggerty says:

        I got my first new lenses (in “old”) frame through VSP as it was my only time that year. Second set of lenses (in “old” frames) were reimbursed to a degree by Medicare. They did not know or care about the other ones.

  • Elvia Escobar says:

    want to know if I used all my benefits for this year

  • Elvia Escobar says:

    I used my VSP @COSCO and I know I used a minimum mount of my benefits

  • Madhusudan. Shah says:

    When I retire I want to keep the plan can send me a email how much it will cost for two of us.

    • Angelina F. says:

      If you’re unable to continue your VSP coverage through your employer as a retiree, you may want to consider one of our individual plans. You can find all the information you need and enroll at or call (855) STAY-VSP, Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Central Time. Select option 2 on the automated system to reach a representative who can assist you.

      -Angelina F., VSP

  • Deborah McGowen says:

    What doctor can I see for evaluation of a cataract?

    • Angelina F. says:

      Since this would fall under medical, check with your health insurance provider to learn more about your coverage options and procedures to follow.
      Angelina F.,VSP

    • Josey says:

      Your optometrist can evaluate you for cataract surgery. He/she will refer you to an ophthalmologist when the cataracts has advanced enough for surgery.

  • If I get the lowest out of pocket from a vsp provider who charges 15% more than a non provider, and the non provider gives the same or less out of pocket deal, where is the vsp savings? $100 off is $100 off, but if the provider is initially $50 more, then where is the real savings better found?

  • Barry Begault says:

    VSP is by far the best eye insurance! I have had VSP through employers for years.But I decided to purchase the insurance on my own since a lot of employers don’t offer VSP on their group plans. Best decision I have ever made.

  • Andrea Reynolds says:

    I’ve purchased prescription glasses through Costco the last two times I’ve ordered glasses and have spent less out of pocket than when I used an in-network provider! Way less. $70 out of pocket compared to over $200! I think VSP should approach Costco to become an in network provider so the cost to the member is zero. Or at least promote costco since their cost is so much less than in network providers.

  • Larry Hamilton says:

    Thank you for the information. I wasn’t sure about any of it.
    Thank tou again.

  • Teresa Crouch says:

    Does VSP cover any cost of cataract surgery

    • Angelina F. says:

      This is something that would typically fall under medical insurance, so I would check with your medical plan to find out more about coverage.
      Angelina F., VSP

  • Sanjaya Khatewoda says:

    How do I cancel my insurance?

  • Melisa Abalos says:

    I’m looking for an office in San Diego with a fashion expert that can help me pick out some glasses. Is that available?

    • Angelina F. says:

      Hi Melisa,
      You can find a VSP network practice near you using the Find A Doctor Search on
      Angelina F., VSP

  • joy anderson says:

    My eye doctor is treating me for dry eye syndrome. The receptionist said that she had to bill this on my medical and not with VSP. Isn’t this considered eye care. ?

  • Esmeralda says:

    I tried paying my out of pocket with Care Credit and the office told me I could not combine VSP and Care Credit that I had to use one or the other. Is that right?? I have tried contacting both VSP and Care Credit through email but have not had a response. Thank you!!

    • Angelina F. says:

      Hi Esmeralda,
      A VSP member services representative will reach out to you soon to assist.
      Angelina F., VSP

  • Juliya says:

    Hello, If I buy frames online can I file a claim for reimbursement? Thanks

  • Juhi says:

    My out of network glasses claim/reimbursement statement status says “Paid”. But how do I get that payment? Will I receive a check from VSP? How long does it takes the money to reach me?

  • Debora J Petrizzo says:

    Hi How do i cancel my VSP insurance

  • John says:

    I have read that VSP rejects any claims from Walmart. Is that correct? I realize they are not in network but they are a low cost provider and located conveniently. Seems like you would benefit from making Walmart Vision Centers in network.

  • Roy says:

    Does VSP cover laser lens replacement surgery?

  • Ramona Green says:

    Is the refraction a requirement with exam for VSP?

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