Twin Boys Born With Anophthalmia: Both Missing Left Eye

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As a new mom of twins, I know first-hand about the double joys and challenges of twins. That’s why I was so touched when I read this story about a local family whose two-month-old twin boys—Jackson and Jameson Lopez—were born with a genetic condition called anophthalmia, the medical term for missing one or both eyes,  that has been reported in only approximately three out of every 100,000 births.

While Jameson is missing his left eyeball, he has a perfect right eye. His brother Jackson is also missing his left eyeball and was born with an underdeveloped right eye, a condition called microphthalmia. In many instances, anophthalmia also occurs with microphthalmia. In the U.S., these conditions occur together in about 780 children every year.

While the family has a challenging road ahead of them, including 4-6 trips per month to San Francisco to see medical specialists, it seems these little superheroes also have a super-powered support system of friends and family who have started a GoFundMe account:

(Photo: Courtesy of twins’ GoFundMe page)



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