Thinking about Digital Lenses? We did the research for you…

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Last month, we said we were partnering with additional bloggers to review UNITY digital lenses. Today, we reveal them! UNITY asked three outspoken, honest and very busy bloggers to go to their local independent optometrist to experience what it’s like to switch to UNITY digital lens. First they received their annual comprehensive eye exam and then they were fitted for the specific UNITY digital lenses tailored to their need.  Then they choose from hundreds of frame choices…all the while recording their experiences to share with you.

For each unique blogger, there is a unique UNITY digital lens to fit her lifestyle. Not only did each blogger choose the option that was right for her, but she was also was able to find a VSP optometrist in her local neighborhood that carried UNTIY lenses.

Now for introductions…

Cheryl AKA TidyMom, a self-proclaimed neat freak who loves to bake, take photos and her family, went to her local optometrist in St Louis, MO to try the UNITY digital progressive lenses. Check her blog for her firsthand account of the process coming soon!

Mir AKA Alpha Mom, who hails from sunny Athens, GA, has been wearing corrective lenses for years and has tried every variation you could imagine. Mir went to her local optometrist excited to try UNITY digital lenses and decided to use her new high tech lenses in a pair of prescription sunglasses.

Colleen AKA Shibley Smiles, a strong-willed tech Geek and mother of three hadn’t had an eye exam in years and knew she was due for a prescription change. She went to her local optometrist in Wellington, FL to try UNITY single vision digital lenses fitting.

If you are looking to make a change and upgrade your old lens technology to digital lenses in the New Year, look no further than the VSP blog and Facebook page for a firsthand account of the entire process from soup to nuts.  In December, stay tuned as each blogger documents how the switch to digital lenses affects their daily lives. Be it driving, working on the computer, shopping or taking photographs, each woman will provide an honest account of how digital lenses changed their day-to-day and how it can change yours.

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