Get $35 Back on Your Next Pair of Progressive Lenses

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For some, hearing from your eye doctor that it’s time to switch over to progressive lenses can be less-than-exciting news. Progressive lenses are notorious for being difficult to adjust to and uncomfortable, but thanks to Unity Progressive Lenses, you’ll get the best vision experience possible and have one less thing to worry about.

Unity Via Progressive Lenses new this year from Unity, offer the latest in intelligent technology. Because they’re customized specifically to your eyes and the way they move, you’ll experience natural, effortless vision from the moment you put them on.

When it comes to lenses these days, you don’t just want to customize them for perfect vision but for your day-to-day activities too! There are different lens enhancements for every lifestyle that, paired with these hi-tech progressive lenses, give you ultimate vision and comfort.

Now through the end of the year, VSP members are eligible for a rebate when they purchase Unity Progressive Lenses plus one of the following lens enhancements: Unity Performance Coating, TechShield Blue, or SunSync Light-Reactive Lenses! Plus, VSP members save up to 40% off lens enhancements in addition to the rebate.*

Two rebates are available:

SPECIAL OFFER: $25 Patient Rebate
• Available through VSP network doctor locations
• Patients are eligible for two redemptions – for a total value of up to $50
• Mail-in rebate paid in the form of a Visa® Prepaid Card

BONUS OFFER: $35 Patient Rebate
• Available through VSP Global® Premier Program locations
• Patients are eligible for two redemptions – for a total value of up to $70
• Mail-in rebate paid in the form of a Visa® Prepaid Card

Find a Premier Program location near you.

*Savings are based on network doctor’s retail price and may vary by VSP plan and purchase selection; average savings determined after benefits are applied. Available only through VSP network doctors to VSP members with applicable plan benefits. Ask your VSP network doctor for details.


  • Stephen Riggs says:

    I am interested

  • Stephen Riggs says:

    I am interested. Looks great

  • Susan Gillis says:

    Where cab i get 2 rebate forms

  • Lee Juchems says:

    wow-wow all you can say

  • Anne Dyson says:

    I just got a new pair of progressive lens glasses. Picked them up just last week. Can I take advantage of one of these rebates?

    • Stella Holowatch says:

      I picked up my new glasses with Progressive Multifocals and Polycarbonate on October 17th. Would I be eligible for these rebates?

  • Janet Tate says:

    I had my eyes checked couple months ago and got progressive lens. I’m I still eligible for the rebate?

  • Frank mariani says:

    Sounds great

  • Frank mariani says:


  • Carey Moon says:

    How do in know if i qualify for the Rebate and which one I would qualify for?

  • Paul says:

    I talked to my optician. He’s part of VSP network. He never heard about Unity lenses.
    What is the company name who builds this product?

  • Rhonda chapman says:

    Does walmart participate

  • Jane Murch says:

    I sent in for this rebate in December 2016 when I got my new progressive lenses, and have never gotten it. I would appreciate receiving it!

  • Wes Ogawa says:

    If I have already used up my total allotment for VSP this year, do I still get the rebate if I buy a pair of progressive eyeglasses?

  • Julia Meade says:

    can the tint get darker for progressive lenses?

  • Peggy Long says:

    I’m looking for progressive lens glasses that give me more reading vision at the bottom of the glasses. I’ve yet to find any. Even though the last ones purchased were larger lenses, they still had a very small space for reading.

  • Bill Buetner says:

    I just got new lenses, how do I find it if I qualify?

  • Gregory S. Graham says:

    I have tried progressive lenses before but i couldn’t wear the glasses without getting a headache if these new lenses prevent that from happening I would like to try them.

  • Linda Cronin says:

    I recently got progressive lenses but not sure if they are Unity. How can I find out if they are and how do I apply for the rebates?

  • Annette Loudin says:

    i want the rebate 😊 love my VSP insurance.

  • Scott says:

    Do they come in an extended wear or daily only?

  • Veronica Agoan says:

    How do I know if I qualify for the rebate. I just received my new pair of glasses about 2 weeks ago. I wear progressive lenses but not sure if the rebate is only for the unity progressive lenses.

  • Sandra Stebens says:

    Stacey L. Stebens bought glasses on 06/05/2017
    Chance B. Stebens bought glasses on 06/14/2017 Coverage Type: Family Network” VSP Choice I received a Patient Rebate how do I get the Rebate for the two members.

  • Kathy Crookshank says:

    I bought my glass about a month ago. Can I still get this rebat?

  • Darnell Collins says:

    I would like those rebates

  • Ralph Perry says:

    Where in San Tan Valley Arizona 85143 can I go to get glasses and exam?

  • ramon abarca says:

    I woul like those rebates

  • Mamie Collier says:

    I have progressive lenses now, and am getting new glasses with progressive lenses through an eye doctor here in NC who accepts my VSP insurance. How do I know if they are “Unity progressive lens” or are all progressive lenses “Unity”?

    • Patrick I. says:

      Thank you for your question. Not all progressive lenses are Unity. Simply request Unity specifically from your doctor and he or she should be able to set you up! -Patrick I., VSP

  • Verna Gembeck says:

    I like this !!

  • Chris Johnson says:

    Sounds interesting

  • Kathy A Geraldon says:

    I will take the rebates

  • Pam Kennedy says:

    i would really like to have all those rebates please. thank you. this is really great!

  • […] another reason to enhance your next pair of glasses with an AR coating? VSP members can receive a $35 mail-in rebate when they purchase Unity Progressive Lenses from a doctor participating in the VSP Global Premier […]

  • […] members can receive a $35 mail-in rebate when they purchase Unity Progressive Lenses from a doctor participating in the VSP Global Premier […]

  • JeepGirl says:

    Hmmmm. you never addressed how to fix the SWIM feeling. I just spent $700 on glasses and now they make me sick. What now? Im not spending another $700 for a $35 rebate.

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