Upgrade Your Eyes with Flexon Eyewear and UNITY Performance Lenses

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Everyone loves getting a new high-tech gadget—especially when you’re upgrading from something old. It seems like we’re always upgrading to the latest and greatest, doesn’t it? Chances are you already have a new high-definition TV, that awesome new phone—and I bet you’re watching the Internet to find your next upgrade.

With all the focus on the best of the best, have you ever thought about your eyeglasses and the lenses inside them? Turns out, you are probably wearing old-school tech on your face.


So let’s take a look at some options to upgrade your eyes to the most advanced experience. First let’s talk about your frame and how it should be made of a space-age memory metal. Wait, does that even exist? Actually, it does, and it’s called Flexon. It bends and twists and returns to its original shape. It was originally invented for NASA, and that’s pretty cool.

Now what about your lenses? Most people spend forever picking out their frame—which is important—but don’t give a second thought to what actually helps you see (the lenses). You’ve got to go digital if you want the best vision possible. Why? UNITY digital lenses are customized to your eyes and face, not just your prescription like old lenses. Not getting digital lenses is like opting for one of those old glass bubble TV screens over a high-def flat screen.

Now that I’ve gone on about the most technologically advanced glasses and lenses you can wear—short of sporting a computer on your face—you can actually win some. In honor of Flexon’s 25th anniversary, we’re giving away 25 pairs of Flexon frames fitted with UNITY digital lenses in our Upgrade Your Eyes Sweepstakes.

Why do you need to upgrade your eyes?


  • Nathan says:

    I’ve been wearing the same glasses for 10 years now. Time for a change.

  • PTara says:

    I need these!

  • Cindi Sissel says:

    I had had to have both eyes lasered due to wet macular degeneration, so I ned all the help I can get to see better. I of my blind spots is 5 microns from the center of my eye.

  • Rodney Brown says:

    Need new ones work destroys them.

  • rena lashley says:

    I really need some sun glasses

  • Holly Oswald says:

    really need these since I seem to destroy my frames all the time

  • I have had flexon frames in the past and they are very good frames.

  • Christie Thomas says:

    I have a couple of reasons I need to upgrade my glasses. 1. I haven’t had a new pair of glasses in years. I go in for an eye exam every year and I get my contacts upgraded but never my glasses because I can’t afford it. 2. A week ago I broke my only pair of glasses and now I am walking around with only 1 arm on my glasses. I am working on saving up for a pair now. Hopefully I will be able to get a new pair in a couple of months. Please pick me to get a new pair of glasses. Thank you!

  • Phyllis Hecker says:

    Need new frames to look stylish.

  • jackie morris says:

    thanks hope to win

  • Larry Hardin says:

    At the age I can slow down and read more, but get eye fatigue

  • Larry Hardin says:

    At the age I can slow down and read more, but get eye fatigue, making it hard to see

  • Charlie Miliner says:

    I need to upgrade my eyes because my current glasses are scratched and haven’t quite fit right since getting them! I could really use some new ones!

  • Linda Rice says:

    I wear glasses and have worn the same frames for 8 years. I need an upgrade!

  • my daughter is a active college student who is involved in many activities(like a dance marathon to raise $ for kids with cancer)and she could use these flexible frame glasses because she never sits still and her glasses take a beating because of it

  • Iris Gonzalez says:

    These look great,hope to win!

  • Joseph Boltz says:

    I need to ‘Upgrade my Eyes” because it’s been over 6 years since my last eye appointment.

  • kathy hoprich says:

    I would love to win these glasses

  • Maria S says:

    I need to upgrade my eyes to avoid squinting in the sun.

  • Beth Brooks says:

    my daughter could use these.

  • Ron Halsne says:

    Eye need it!

  • Lisa M. says:

    I would love to win because I just broke my favorite sunglasses this weekend for July 4th. Always need to wear great sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun, polarized is even better too! Not only protecting your eyes but protecting from wrinkles too and also stylish to boot!

  • leisha says:


  • Dorian Jung says:

    These are nice glasses!

  • Mary Black says:

    My son needs new glasses and these would be perfect.

  • vickie brown says:

    I have been getting head aches and when I read I can feel the eye strain plus I get sleepy when reading. Van that be from needing glasses. We have just move my son and wife with their 3 kids in to our basement. Because he has hurt his back and can no longer support them. Which means I can not afford to get glasses. Because my husband is the only one working in this house of 7 now because I am disabled due to 3 neck surgeries and 3 back surgeries that have left me in constant pain.

  • Jason B says:

    I am Diabetic and have issues with my eyes. Having a new pair of glasses would be nice. I would be able to romp with my boys and not have the fear of my glasses getting bent.

  • Marilee Graves says:

    I can’t afford new glasses and I really do need a new pair. My glasses are held together with super glue. The UNITY digital lenses sound great. It would be wonderful to be able to see better.

  • Valores Desormeaux says:

    I would like to have the most advanced frames/lenses. I can’t see small print as good as I used to. Work on computer all day and my eyes feel tired. I am due for my yearly eye exam and new lenses (going to keep my frame unless I win the pair you are giving away). Please pick me!!!! I then could get some contacts

  • Louella Garza says:

    I need to upgrade my eyes because my current eyeglasses are almost 5 years old.I haven’t been able to afford new eyeglasses.I was able to have them examined due to my vision insurance.

  • Anirudh Kumar says:

    I need to upgrade as my age goes on with these quality glasses.

  • Julie says:

    These are perfect glasses! As a teacher, I can never afford the latest and greatest but I promise these glasses would be truly appreciated. They are practical, fashionable and sturdy enough to withstand the daily routine of the classroom plus play! I love these glasses!!!

  • Marie Stewart says:

    Can always use new glasses

  • Neal Scoular says:

    love to have those new frames

  • andre h alt says:

    I just sat on my old pair of reading glasses, oops! Need to get a new pair of these clumsyproof frames:-)

  • Dawn Adams says:

    I have terrible vision and could really use a pair of glasses that will improve it as much as possible.

  • J.Susana says:

    These are perfect frame for me especially because sometimes I sleep with the glases

  • Elvin Southerland says:

    I recently had a stroke and my old glasses now need replacing, these would work great since I tend to sprang my old glasses using one hand.

  • I am getting old and these would be good for tired eyes

  • Renee Timm says:

    Excited to try the new lenses

  • C Stanley says:

    I would look great in these which would be a great advertisement for you! 🙂

  • Mary Ellen Brown says:

    My 6 year old son needs these glasses. He is very rough on his glasses. We are constantly going to get his glasses repaired or adjusted. Our insurance only pays for 1 pair each year and we can’t afford to buy a spare pair of glasses.

  • JoAnn Ormerod says:

    I would love to get these glasses as the pair I have is almost two years old and the lenses have scrathes now plus my frame is turning green inside the plastic ear piece. On top of that I am planning on getting new ones soon

  • Lorrie Walter says:

    I haven’t had a really good pair of glasses….ever! I have regular eye exams, but always have to migrate to the “cheap” section. Flexible frames would be wonderful as They would last so long. Thank you for this offer.

  • Debbie Pena says:

    I would really appreciate winning these as my prescription sunglasses were stolen a few weeks ago and the old pair I am using are in pretty rough shape and do not do the job very well.

    The Flexon frames and Unity lenses you are offering sound amazing.

  • Barbie says:

    Sound great for active lifestyles

  • Robert Hickerson says:

    I had a pair of these a few years back and they worked great..now that I am retired I need them more than ever since I need a new pair and can’t afford to replace them. I have some medical issues and a, on a limited income. I never won anything before…it sure would be nice.

  • Susan Jackson says:

    I to have my eyes checked. I know I need glasses, I wear over the counter ones. I would love to win a pair, maybe it would boost me to have my eyes checked…

  • Kelly says:

    The eyes need a makeover. Would love to win these!

  • Larry Gilley says:

    I could use these new glasses as I am always falling asleep with my glasses on and my frames that I have now are bent

  • John Nichols says:

    These frames will make life better.

  • Karen Clark says:

    I am very active when not at my desk and could really use these flexon frames. Love hiking, walking and motorcycle riding.

  • Roberto Gonzalez says:


  • Jan Corbett says:

    My son has a real problem getting lenses that give him decent vision. He would love to be able to see clearer.

  • I would like a pair of these glasses as I have had them before and then ordered a different pair 5 years later a differnt kind which I have not been able to wear and have been wearing my old flexables.I have a family of six so to win these glasses would be a huge savings. Thank you! Mike

  • CarolAnn says:

    I could use some new glasses as my current ones are a heavy frame.

  • Omar Williams says:

    I would love to have some frames that will go back to its original shape the old metal frames once they bend its no longer comfortable to wear once u break them there’s no reparing them and who doesn’t want to improve there vision I know I do.

  • Evelyn Storhill says:

    I’m going to have cataract surgery soon and would love to win the flexon and unity glasses.

  • Evelyn Storhill says:

    I’d love to win the new glasses to wear after my cataract surgery in one eye.

  • Randy Koch says:


  • Vickie Stamper says:

    I work all day on a computer . I look at printout s of tiny numbers. I need to see as clearly as possible to do my work.

  • Emi Sherman says:

    Would be great for my son to wear under his fencing mask!

  • James Spelich says:

    Present glasses need to be replaced don’t fit right and get headaches.

  • tonya hosbrook says:

    I have 3 kids who all wear glasses/contacts as well as myself. My youngest just graduated. My eye ins has never been very good, so mom always did for the kids and bought herself a generic pair from the cheapest place in town. It would be awesome to have a great looking, high quality pair of glasses!

  • Julie says:

    My insurance will only pay once every two years for glasses, and my Rx has changed so I either have to wait another year or buy them out of pocket.v

  • James Spelich says:

    Old need new frames and lens trouble reading

  • Can’t afford new glasses so I sure would like to win

  • MARY JONES says:

    I think if these are good for NASA, I have no doubt I would love them. I think they would be the best. I really like the look on the website.

  • ellen.moore@sbcglobal.net says:

    I would love a pair of these glasses as I am rough on frames.

  • Cindy Vogel says:

    I need to upgrade my eyes because I spend a lot of time on the computer. I am unemployed at the moment and having to care for my elderly mother. My current glasses are scratched which leads to me taking them off often. It would be really great to have new glasses.

  • Andy Perez says:

    These eyes need new lenses. Cool

  • Brett Jackson says:

    I work with artists and animators all day.directing their work and therefore I’m looking T screens all day which is taking a toll on my eyes. I need to see the small nuances of the work and these glasses would help to get the best from my team and myself.

  • Judi says:

    Being a farmers wife & then working 9 hours a day on a computer – need strong, flexible & stylish frames

  • vickie brown says:

    I get migraines from the stress of trying to read. And the last pair of glasses I got was over 3 yrs ago and I lost them within a month. I haven’t been able to replace them since

  • Rosalinda Barker says:

    My 14 year is very active, yet new to eyeware, he has a tendency to forget he’s wearing glasses. I feel with these hi def eye ware he may be more aware of his surroundings as well as they may be more durable for his active lifestyle.

  • Jeane`Marie Hall says:

    These would be such a blessing. I am on 02 24/7 and my glasses become heavy on my nose and on my ears with my nose hose. This would be so lovely to have a bit of relief in life besides seeing well. I just had my eye exam and have yet to pick out a good frame. Thank you for my possible consideration.

  • Vicki says:

    Getting older, limited income and need new glasses

  • Lynn Guilliams says:

    These seem to be a great upgrade in technology!

  • Jeannie Black says:

    I’m really having eye problems, and would love to get a new and better pair,

  • Jeannie Black says:

    Id love s pair of these!!!

  • Cheri Nash says:

    New glasses are SO expensive! Being an (aging) single mom who works full-time and attends college full-time, it is getting harder to afford the extra ‘unexpected’ needs that life throws at me, especially when my perfect vision from my 20’s continues to rapidly deteriorate since I turned 40. To have a pair of flexible frames that are not so easy to get broken (or hopefully eaten by the dogs) would be a blessing. I have about 6 pair of ‘dollar store’ readers crammed here and there, and always seem to be walking around looking like I’ve lost my mind…having reading AND sun glasses propped up on the top of my head!

  • Amiee Christie says:

    I am a newcomer to glasses and would love to try something different.

  • Bev Frier says:

    I need a pair of light weight glasses like flex-on to keep the pressure off of
    my nose and ears and are light weight due to all my migraines I get and the fact
    I can’t afford to buy them and they are the best.

  • Bev Frier says:

    I need a light weight pair of flex-ons to help reduce my migraines that are due
    to pressure and these are the best. I can’t afford these being on SSD. It would
    be a great asset for me to have a pair.

  • Sherry says:

    I would love to have new glasses, I am very pass due for an eye exam and new glasses due to cost. Thanks for giving away glasses to those in need this is an awesome charity event.

  • Teresa Coley says:

    I work with the public each day using a computer 8 hours a day, then go home to my husband, 4 children and a toy rat terrier named Porg. I haven’t been able to afford new glasses for almost 3 years and the ones I have are outdated. Would like very much to try something new!

  • Saani Smith says:

    Would lllloooovvvveee to own a pair if these glasses. I’m sure if I have one, all my coworkers st United Airlines wotyld also want to own one.

    Please consider me!



  • Saani Smith says:

    Would lllloooovvvveee to own a pair if these glasses. I’m sure if I have one, all my coworkers st United Airlines wotyld also want to own one.

    Please consider me!


  • henry ng says:

    i would like to see everything clearer and enjoy life outdoors without having to worry about breaking my frames

  • Have wanted these awsome Flexons for years but never really had the money being underemployed due to the horrible economy. To make matters worse I was just laid off again and lost all my insurance including vision.
    These are the best frames and lenses available on the market today!

  • Roy Haddock says:

    I could use a new pair of glasses for outside.

  • Adriana Papallo says:

    These be great!

  • Kelly Crane says:

    I have a systemic autoimmune disease that has caused uveitis in the past and has taught me the importance of being able to see. In the last two years I have struggled with worsening eye problems and needing new lenses each year. I have noticed that getting good lenses/frames are important for lasting longer and being clearer. This year eye check up, I have to get the new glasses remade after a month. I cant even focus past 5 feet and thus haven’t been able to drive and really get out of the house, watch TV or enjoy going anywhere. I just cant see. It would e great if I could get the chance try these and have a better improvement in my glasses. I’m limited I what I can afford on social security so it would make my day.

  • Toni Swick says:

    I’m very active which creates alot of sweat. My current glasses are constantly coming off my nose and falling to the ground. These flexible frames sound like the perfect solution to my dilema.

  • lisa garcia says:

    I would love to have a pair of these frames and those digital lenses. I’m on a computer all day and have to wear glasses all the time. This would be a God send. With the prices of glasses these days it makes it hard to afford the best. Even with insurance..

  • Dario Rojo says:

    Working for 8 to 12 hrs per day with cardiac monitors and suddenly changing to the exterior with a different environment I think this are the ideal eye glasses to aliviate the eyes for such internal and external extreme conditions counting also with the durable material them are constructed wich combine the fashion and the practical.

  • Adam Lounder says:

    I haven’t had a new pair of frames in fourteen years. I have trouble finding a style that I like and that can put up with every day wear. I would be very interested in trying a pair of flexon frames with unity lens.

  • Vickie Ball says:

    would be perfect for me.I work with special ed students.Its also time for a change I have been wearing the same pair for 2 years.

  • Christina says:

    I’d love to have flexible frames that are not susceptible to becoming crocked and that fit snugly so that when i’m dancing or exercising they are not falling down. It’s been years since my last purchase of lenses and frames and i would love to have a much needed upgrade.

  • Vickie Ball says:

    I would love new glasses.I have been wearing the same pair 2 years or more.I work in a special education class room and some times they take your glasses off your face in a moments notice.This type would be so perfect.

  • I’d LOVE to win these glasses and would be a great spokesperson for people to get them!

  • Robert Sassa says:

    Four eyes rule these days. Especially the Clark Kent style.

  • stan says:

    I could use a pair like that

  • Dianna Cato says:

    Usually, I invest my personal funds and time into helping those less fortunate than myself. Anything from serving dinner at the local men’s shelter, implementing a water and fan drive for the homeless to keep hydrated while living on the streets, and fans to cool senior citizens w/o the luxury of central air. I don’t want to forget the animal rescue and humane society I donate food to, so senior citizens don’t have to make a cboice between feeding themselves or their pet. To taking food from cupboards for the postal service and boy scouts food drive. While donating time and financial resources. Often times, I am left wearing older glasses until I can afford to purchase newer ones. And to be perfectly honest, I was able to get new ones last year. But, I am having problems w/ the hinges tightening not allowing the arms to close completely. Thank you for this opportunity.


  • Myrna Simmons says:

    we lost our eye insurance when my husband retired so could use these

  • Joey Crumby says:

    I would love a pair of these glasses. I am a Paramedic and over my 25 year career I have had more than 1 pair of glasses bite the dust. Plus as I get older the clarity of HD would be awesome.

  • Stephanie Reid-Taylor says:

    I would love to win a pair of Flexible glasses. I have been wearing glasses for about ten years and, I am still searching for the lightest most comfortable pair that will improve my vision while not feeling like I am wearing frames. I have tried contact lenses which are not a good fit for me. The frame/lenses are very cool and innovative. I would like to be one of the first to try them. Thanks.

  • I got 2 years with the same pair of glasses

  • Adrianne Guzman says:

    These glasses would make my life so easy and carefree!

  • As long as I can remember we were really poor. I remember getting my first pair of glasses at 9 and seen things I had never seen before. 6 of my 7 children wear glasses. The expense has been overwhelming at times. Found out that something going on with my right eye and lost alot of sight in 12 mths. Really worried about it. My father was legally blind when he passed. But we don’t know why. I want a pair of glasses thAt will last me …..

  • Kevin Grindstaff says:

    very cool!!!

  • Genevieve Bowen says:

    I have become the only driver since my husbands good eye was damaged due to wet macular degeneration. My driving time has greatly increased since his eyesight became to poor for him to drive. I have also been making many 60 mile round trips to his oncologist and the hospital since he was diagnosed with leukemia. These glasses would be great for my 62 year old tired dry eyes.

  • grace says:

    I would love to have a pair of these! I’ve worn glasses.my entire life and always have bought the cheaper ones. I love the latest and greatest and they definitely sound like that.

  • Dave Purves says:

    I broke a pair of flexon’s , snapped in two at the bridge !

  • Roy Haddock says:

    I could use this type of frames due to the fact that I work outside taking care of a Veterans Hospital grounds.

  • Doug Connor says:

    As we get older, I think it becomes harder and harder to have the vision we once had. This new technology sounds like it will be a huge benefit for people like me.


  • Helen Madison says:

    My husband is in need of glasses, due to extreme illness last year and then cataract surgery. It would help our budget to receive these.

  • Kathy says:

    I have Type 1 Juvenile diabetes and the cost to keep me healthy is tremendous. My husband works very hard and puts priority on me. He had an eye exam 2 yrs ago and got a new prescription for glasses but, he never filled it because of the cost. These new glasses would make a very nice belated birthday present for him.

  • Ruben Woods says:

    My glasses are very uncomfortable, I am always taking my glasses off because they just don’t feel good on my face. I take my glass of a lot, therefore I miss place them a lot. I need some relief.

  • Roger Norwood says:

    Sounds great!

  • Judy sauriol says:

    Still using store bought glasses.
    Would love to go to eye dr and have a real pair of glasses.

  • Carolyn VanderVegt says:

    Would love to win these high tech glasses. I have worn glass since I have been a sophomore in high school. Would appreciate the upgrade! Thank you for your consideration

  • N Vega says:

    Would love a pair for my son. Seems they would last longer then normal glasses…

  • vicky says:

    I have 3 grandsons under the age of four. Sometimes I am not quick enough to stop those little hands. Gets expensive. Would love to have a new pair that would withstand the boys. Thanks

  • Michel Nymann says:

    I need two pairs of glasses because I cannot tolerate bi or trifocals due to my chronic health conditions, and only one set of frames is covered by my policy. I would love to have these frames because it would help me to be able to see better as I am currently using reading glasses from the dollar store.

  • Clifton W says:

    I work in a construction yard where I spend about half my day outside and half in a shop, so I swap between glasses and safety shades about a dozen times a day. The Flexon frames would handle being put in and taken out of pockets, with occasional bumps and drops, better than any other. And the Unity digital lenses would help make sure my sight is top notch when running my machines inside.

  • David Jones says:

    No sob story. Would love to try something New and get rid of my Walmart specials.

  • Rich powers says:

    I coul really use this frame. I play hard with my two teen girls and broke my last pair. Before that my daughter hit me in the face (out of no where) with my pillow. Now I were my safety glasses everywhere. My glasses are 7 years old and breaking . Been on unemployment and worried . I live in Oregon in an rv and am kinda homeless. There is more than that to my problems. But who wants to hear that I said too much as it is. Well if I win I would be the happiest humble person . Thankyou to flexon and unity for this chance.
    Rich P

  • Julie Dean says:

    I am very hard on my glasses. I have already broken off the left “arm” of my bifocals, and I haven’t even had them for a year! Having frames that will bend and flex and then go back to their original shape sounds like a dream come true!! I also have a prescription that results in heavy lenses, so the better the lens material, the easier the eyeglasses are on my ears and nose. Having a high-tech pair of glasses that include the Unity and Flexon products would open me up to a whole new world!! Please , please consider me for your sweepstakes.

    Thank you!
    Jules Dean

  • Sherry Lovejoy says:

    I would love to win these glasses. I have had to choose between contacts & glasses for 6 years. I have chosen contacts & use my OLD prescription glasses from 6 years back. Not so good. I could give my eyes a much needed break, every now &then, if I had these glasses.
    Thank you.

  • Kim Schulze says:

    I just got new glasses a few months ago and never realized that the style I got with the thicker, solid side/ear piece blocks some of peripheral vision. My glasses are a Safety Hazard – Let me Win a new pair!

  • teresa welch says:

    Everyone would love a new pair of glasses for free, and we can all come up with a reason we need them. So, explain why.. just cross my fingers and hope I get lucky

  • Vicky says:

    I have had the same frames for the last 3 years and an upgrade would be terrific!

  • Lynne Siebert says:

    I would love to try these glasses my eyes continue to change frequently & would love the chance to try something new!!!!

  • Onelia Rios says:

    This would provide me an opportunity to experience an amazing new feature in eyewear. I’m so hoping to win this sweepstakes as I do need to upgrade my glasses. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Maureen Martinez says:

    Purchased new glasses and while I can see far away, I can’t read well with them. Believe they are the wrong style for my needs.

  • Helen Finco says:

    I could use a new pair of glasses.

  • Nathan L Calhoun says:

    I am a college student and short of funds. I would really appreciate a pair of durable frames I can trust to last me years to come.

  • Carmen Guerrero says:

    I could really use some glasses. My insurance only covered one choice contacts or frames. I chose contacts, definetly need glasses to rest my eyes from over wearing my contacts. Very limited on finances and this would definetly be a great win and use for myself. Besides would love to see life in HD. Crossing my fingers I win.

  • juanita soals says:

    at 70 would love to try

  • Judi V says:

    I currently use reading glasses, computer glasses and driving glasses. Progressive lenses just don’t work well for me. I really need a solution so I could have one pair of glasses for great vision all the time.

    • David C. says:

      Judi, ask your eye doctor about UNITY PLxpression digital progressive lenses. I’ll be writing a blog about them soon, but in short what we have found is that people adapt more easily with them than many other progressives. -David, VSP

  • sherry says:

    I think that they are really cool would love to give them a try, I have my brothers frames from 20yrs ago..

  • Susan Bailey says:

    I would love updated glasses!!

  • Susan Bailey says:

    I would love a new pair of glasses!

  • nguyen saiyra says:

    thank you.

  • Robert Gregory says:

    These glasses sound great and I would love to have a pair.Sign me up.

  • Gregg Davis says:

    I have been using Flexon frames for 10+ years, but would like to change the model / style a little. Flexon frames are great and I’d like to stick with them.

  • David Thompson says:

    I do need those!!!!!

  • Larry Bates says:

    Hard to adjust and keep in adjustment. Love Flexon frames

  • Sure could use a pair of these, getting hard to see with my contact

  • Terri Phillips says:

    I work on a computer all day. These would be nice to use at work.

  • Joseph Ramos says:

    Pick me pick me! I don’t think I ever used flexon…


    I currently wear Unity PLxpression lenses and I love them. I previously wore Izon Progressive lenses and they were fabulous. I would love to try these Flexon frames.

    • David C. says:

      Sheila, I’m so glad to hear you love the UNITY PLxpression lenses. We’ll be writing a blog about them soon and would love to have your feedback. -David from VSP

  • Lisa McDanel says:

    Our eyes change with changes related to our health, age, and environment during our lifetimes therefore we need our eyes checked and correctional lenses updated from time to time. My husband will not wear anything but the flexible frames because they are so comfortable.

  • Norma Perez says:

    My vision has changed, and have just discovered that my mothers side of the family has gluacoma. So I need to make sure I can keep my eyes checked. I can’t afford to buy new glasses very often. Even though I work for the school district. I also would like to try these frames since I have only used the other type of frames . Thank you!

  • Nancy Reid says:

    I would love to try a pair of Flexon Eyewear and UNITY Performance Lenses ~ they sound very stylish and durable!

  • Mary S says:

    My sunglasses broke when a friend sat on them. I desperately need a new pair and can’t afford them. Please pick me.

  • cat says:

    going on 3 years since I got new glasses and have noticed its now overdue…on computers, tablets all day long usually. would love to try these!

  • Brianne says:

    Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up.
    The words in your content seem to be running off the screen in Opera.
    I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I thought I’d
    post to let you know. The layout look great though! Hope you get the problem fixed soon.

  • Georgia says:

    I have been wearing glasses for many many years now. Due to cataract surgery on both eyes, I now have to see my eye Dr. every year. I still have to wear glasses for close up. Lately I have been having headaches from wearing glasses. Have switched back to my old glasses because they are lighter weight. Need to get a pair of prescription sunglasses. What a hassle switching from off the shelf sunglasses back to prescription glasses so that I can read when I am outside. Would love to be able to just have one pair of glasses, buy can’t afford yet another pair of glasses.

  • Robert Mathias says:

    I have been wearing the same glasses for years. A new pair is in order.

  • Tammy Faulkner says:

    My glasses have broken yet again and though they are prescription glasses I can’t look at my computer with them.

  • Patricia says:

    The last glasses I got(last year) are terrible! I couldn’t see through them shortly after i got them and they are all scatched up!

    • David C. says:

      Patricia, have you considered special coatings for your lenses? I’m not sure which type of lenses you had, but anti-reflective coatings can help protect your glasses from smudges and scratches. Flexon frames, however, will keep the frame in shape and not broken for those of us who are a bit rough on our glasses. Let me know if you need any additional information. -David, VSP

  • Janice Fox says:

    I am a librarian and need new glasses to help the public.

  • Denise B says:

    Got the ole bifocals a yyear ago, contact lenses, change RX already & cant see again. Time to try something else. Need to be able to see. Need something sturdy and stylish but not costing an arm and a leg.

    • David C. says:

      Denise, Check out UNITY digital progressive lenses. With your VSP membership, you save up to 50% on this brand of high-end lenses. Stay tuned for more information next month as we relaunch the UNITY pages on vsp.com -David, VSP

  • Rose Mary says:

    I have been wearing trifocals lenses and lately been unable to geta lens that is clear with better periferal vision. I have tried lots of lenses and have trouble getting ones I can see through clearly. I have maascular degeneration, so I need all the help I can get.
    I did use veralux lenses and they work well, but the cost is ridiculously expensive.

    • David C. says:

      Rose Mary, Check out UNITY digital progressive lenses. With your VSP membership, you save up to 50% on this brand of high-end lenses. Stay tuned for more information next month as we relaunch the UNITY pages on vsp.com -David, VSP

  • C Johns says:

    I haven’t had new glasses in about 5 years. Laid off with no insurance so couldn’t afford them.

  • pat odell says:

    These glasses sound just wonderful. Sure hope I win.

  • Serrena says:

    I’m hard on glasses. I take them off with one hand, lay them down, willy-nilly, and sometimes even sit on them. Flexon… Take me away!

  • lindee tollefsen says:

    It would always be an amazing gift to see as clearly as possible. I would live to try these new lenses. Seems like there is always some degree of trying to see more clearly for me, even with regular eye exams.

  • COLLINS says:

    have not been using glasses for about four(4) years now…..kinda trying to do away with them….but honestly flexon just makes me wanna wear them again. collins, Nigeria

  • Theresa Key says:

    Dog just chewed earpiece off of them

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