Getting Vision Coverage Was a Piece of Cake for This Entrepreneur

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Callista Polhemus’ attention to detail and eye for photography has helped elevate the Sacramento food scene. Working in marketing for Paragary Restaurant Group in the early 2000’s, Callista crafted a unique discipline in social media while learning from some of the best chefs and food photographers in the industry.

While she loved her job, her priorities shifted when she discovered she was pregnant and decided to become a restaurant marketing consultant, allowing her more flexibility.

Like many, Callista had vision insurance when she was a full-time employee, but never used her coverage because she thought she had good vision. But as a new mom, seeing clearly suddenly became a top priority.

“Being able to see clearly is a priceless experience for me,” Callista said. “When I’m driving, and I can’t see the stop signs, I can’t react in time. It’s very important to see well when having my child in the car.”

Her husband had full benefits through his job, but they did not extend to her. While researching her options for coverage, Callista discovered a VSP Individual Vision Plan was the perfect fit for her needs. The plans were functional, the set-up process was easy and her plan was affordable.

“When you start your own business, there are so many complicated things to do, that it’s nice when something is easy like signing up for an individual vision plan,” Callista said.

Using the skills she acquired during her restaurant days, Callista discovered a creative outlet in baking. As she experimented with cake flavors and frosting techniques, her creations drew wide interest on social media. She decided to turn her passion for baking into her side gig.

“Baking a cake is more than just food,” Callista said. “It’s creating something special for someone, creating joy and memories. I love to see people’s reactions to the cakes and put a smile on their face.”

To see her custom cakes, follow Callista on Instagram or order one for your next celebration at If you or someone you know needs vision coverage, find VSP individual plan options at

This is a guest post from VSP employee Frances Preziosi.


  • Nathan Pham says:

    looks delicious

  • Dario Matos says:

    Cakes are beautiful.

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