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A Vision Quest for Students at the High School of Fashion Industries

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Fashion is a passion for students at the High School of Fashion Industries in Chelsea, New York, but many don’t have the means to access eye care or purchase eyewear. VSP network doctors teamed up with Nine West Eyewear and Glam4Good to send these students on a “vision quest,” both literally and figuratively, to help them prepare for college, job interviews and their futures.

Students at the High School of Fashion Industries are just like students at other high schools, except they take fashion-oriented coursework in addition to traditional classes like math and science. This extended curriculum helps prepare these students for all types of careers in fashion.

The event, Vision Quest, was important for these students in two ways. First, they need to have a vision for their futures in fashion—an inspiration to guide their way. Second, they need to see as well as possible to help set them up for success when bringing their dreams to life.

Vision Quest: Key Moments

VSP network doctors, like Meghan Schiffer, OD, (pictured above) volunteered their time and services to provide students with no-cost eye exams. This event was unusual in that many students received life-changing eyeglass prescriptions. A prescription is considered life-changing if the big “E” at the top of the eye chart is really blurry for them.

vision quest panelists

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A panel of fashion celebrities helped share their career advice and boost confidence. “These teens are the future of our industry,” said style expert and GLAM4GOOD Board Member, Stacy London. “It’s crucial that we enable them to ask questions and listen to each other in a supportive and collaborative environment. GLAM4GOOD makes an incredible impact in the lives of so many through these events, and I am always thrilled to be a part of them.”

Nine West Eyewear

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Nine West Eyewear provided students with no-cost eyeglass frames from its new optical offering designed specifically for pre-teens, teens and trendy petite women. These new styles are spirited and youthful and feature a smaller fit with on-trend details such as faux pearls, metal studs and heart details.

shopping spree for free

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A fun part of the event was the “shopping spree for free,” where students could get the clothes, shoes and accessories to wear for interviews, work or college as they step into adulthood. They also received trendy sunglasses from Nine West Eyewear.


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