VSP Celebrates Earth Day

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Today, VSP celebrates Earth Day across its campuses educating and empowering employees to make conscious choices that help to protect our environment and conserve resources.

Employees of VSP will be able to recycle batteries, e-waste and documents at work. Local vendors that sell green products such as locally grown produce and  LED light bulbs are also on campus at our Earth Day Vendor Fair.

While Earth Day is a good reminder to make efforts to live sustainably, VSP is committed to conservation year-round. In the last year, much of the HVAC equipment throughout headquarters has been replaced to reduce energy consumption and make it more efficient.

With our headquarters in California, we are especially mindful of water conservation. To do our part, VSP is also adjusting its landscaping, removing grass, installing drought tolerant plants and installing more smart weather controls and drip irrigation.

There are also simple ways that you can conserve water at home too! VSP employee and Green Guardian, Lydia B. shares some of her tips to save water and keep your garden looking lush.

“I keep a giant pot on the left side of my sink.  I dump out water glasses, old coffee, rinse veggies over it, and generally use it to save water however I can. I then use that to water all my plants.  You’d be surprised how fast it fills up!” said Lydia.

In addition to saving water, Lydia finds other ways to reduce kitchen waste too. “I dump coffee grounds in a jar and put them in my planter boxes to help my veggies grow I rinse my egg shells out and set them by the sink to dry. Then I dump them in another jar, crush them finely, and sprinkle in with my veggies.  It adds calcium to the soil and helps prevent snails eating everything.”

What are some of your favorite tips for living green? Share your tips by commenting below.

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