Mother’s Day (We See You, Mom)

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Moms are often the chief medical officers of their households and the first line of defense when it comes to their family’s health. They are on call 24 hours, through every stage of life, and most of it goes unacknowledged because they make it look so easy. To mothers of all kinds, thank you for doing the hardest job in the world. Thank you for working tirelessly to care for others day after day, for never giving up on those who look up to you, and for understanding the powerful connection a mother figure can have in a person’s life. Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at VSP.


  • re says:

    This is priceless. I credit my grandmother for my foundation and I called her mother for that very reason.

  • Samantha K says:

    As a single mother reading this on her second mother’s day alone with her 5 year old, this truly brought a tear to my eye. Even though I don’t even know you Ryan W; Thank you for the appreciation to Mom’s everywhere!

  • Janette Cunningham says:

    Thank you

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