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At the heart of VSP is our mission to help people see. With more than 1.3 billion people globally not having access to vision care, the need is ever-growing. To do our part, we established our first Eyes of Hope initiatives more than 20 years ago. These initiatives help us increase access to eye care and eyewear and help those in need get the clearest and healthiest vision possible.

We live our mission every day. All VSP employees, regardless of their role, are given the opportunity to serve on board one of our four mobile eye care clinics. Each year, VSP empowers employees to take the opportunity to touch people’s lives and make a difference, both at the office and on the road. Partnering with organizations around the country, our clinics go wherever they’re needed most. Our employees work hand-in-hand with local eye doctors across the country to make sure patients receive the care they need. These programs are also a great way for employees to connect to our purpose.

“Until I traveled with the mobile clinics, I didn’t truly understand how an eye exam and glasses could be life-changing,” said Daphne, a VSP employee. “One of the first patients I helped hugged me, sobbing, after her appointment. I was concerned until she explained that seeing clearly meant that she could begin applying for jobs again and support her family. She left a different person than the one who walked in that day.”

Another example was after the recent wildfire in Northern California. Forty-five employees deployed with a mobile clinic, staffed by two local eye doctors, to provide people who had lost everything in the fires with the eye care and replacement glasses they needed to begin rebuilding their lives.

Karen, a VSP employee, felt fortunate to be able to volunteer. Her daughter, a student at Chico State, was ready to evacuate the day of the fire, so it was especially meaningful to help two college students who lost their living space in Paradise.

“They were so appreciative of going away with a new pair of glasses,” Karen said. “One small thing that would help them get through school.”

One patient was especially memorable for Jenny, also a VSP employee.

“She lost everything, but she was glad she was able to save her dog and the ashes of her late husband,” Jenny said. “She has no family here. After she received her glasses, she came to me with a big, warm hug, and we cried together. You don’t know how it will touch your heart and change your perspective.”

More than 1,100 employees from across the U.S. have volunteered to deliver eye care and eyewear to those who need it most over the past 20 years, helping more than 2 million people in need.

“I had no idea how much joy I would get out of helping people be able to see again,” shared Victoria, VSP employee. “People shared stories, pictures and videos of their experience while waiting so patiently to be seen by the VSP network eye doctor. There was such an outpouring of gratitude and kindness from those we were able to help.”

Learn more about VSP’s Eyes of Hope Program by visiting globaleyesofhope.com.

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