VSP Mobile Eyes: 10 Years After The Storm

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On World Sight Day, October 8, VSP Global is partnering with VOSH, VSP providers and other doctors on a truly special VSP Mobile Eyes outreach event. Up to 300 adults and children in need will receive access to free eye exams and glasses while we raise public awareness about the World Sight Day Challenge.

What makes this event even more special is that the VSP Mobile Eyes team will be returning to the Lower Ninth Ward, a community still in need 10 years since Hurricane Katrina. Many of the team members were there for relief efforts following Hurricane Katrina, helping to replace lost or damaged glasses and equipping doctors to continue providing quality eye care. Those efforts evolved into three VSP Mobile Eyes clinics that have driven more than 432,005 miles to provide access to free eye exams and glasses for 278,000 people in need.

New Orleans optometrist Dr. Jarrett Johnson will be volunteering on board the VSP Mobile Eyes clinics in the community where she started her practice.  Her family was displaced and her practice was completely destroyed as a result of the hurricane. That didn’t stop her though. Once her family was safe, she immediately returned to join VSP in providing the eye care that was desperately needed in the wake of the disaster. Her story is brave one that reflects her determination and persistence to help her community recover, then and now.

Read more about Dr. Johnson on Upworthy: “A Hurricane destroys your home. Without your glasses, you’re nearly blind. What do you do?

Take a look back at the local residents who were affected by Hurricane Katrina and how a mobile eye care clinic gave them hope:

World Sight Day reminds us of the importance of essential eye health in our own communities and across the globe. This day continues to bring people together with a common goal to ensure that proper access to eye care is available to everyone.



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