Get Access to VSP Through FEDVIP and TRICARE

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For 2019, eligibility for the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) expanded to include certain retired uniformed service members, their families, and active duty family members. Whether you’re newly eligible or were already covered, here are answers to some of your most common questions about getting access to VSP through FEDVIP and TRICARE.

Am I eligible for VSP through TRICARE?

Certain TRICARE members, including certain retired uniformed service members, their families, and active duty family members, can now enroll in the FEDVIP for 2019 coverage. VSP is one of the participating vision carriers. Learn more about VSP’s comprehensive vision benefits here.

Am I eligible for VSP through FEDVIP?

In general, retired uniformed service members and their families who are enrolled in a TRICARE health plan are eligible for FEDVIP vision coverage. In addition, family members of active duty uniformed service members who are enrolled in a TRICARE health plan are eligible for FEDVIP vision coverage. Take a look at VSP’s plan options here.

If I already have VSP through FEDVIP, do I have to re-enroll?

No. If you have VSP through FEDVIP today, you do not need to take any action unless you wish to change your level of coverage. It might be a good idea to review VSP’s different plan options, though.

I have vision coverage through FEDVIP with another carrier. How do I change to VSP?

If you currently have other coverage through FEDVIP and would like to change to VSP, you must change your selection through the Open Season enrollment process on the BENEFEDS website. Learn more about how to do so here.

I have vision coverage through TRICARE. Do I need to sign up for FEDVIP?

FEDVIP is optional coverage. If you would like to have coverage beyond what your TRICARE health plan covers—typically only an eye exam—then you have the option of signing up for FEDVIP.

VSP vision plans through FEDVIP are designed to cover:

  • Routine eye exams and vision correction without referral
  • Low vision exams
  • Eyeglass frames and lenses, or contact lenses instead of glasses, at many eye doctor offices or optical retail stores
  • Lens options such as shatter-resistant polycarbonate; scratch-resistant, anti-reflective, and UV coatings; and tinted and progressive lenses
  • Discounts on laser eye surgery

Learn more about VSP’s plans here.

I am newly eligible for FEDVIP. Do I need to enroll in vision coverage?

What are standard and high options?

FEDVIP vision plans (including VSP) offer both a standard option and a high option. In general, the high option will cost a few more dollars a month but will cover more of the costs when you use your benefits.

Compare VSP’s Standard Option and High Option here.

If I sign up for FEDVIP, will my existing VSP individual vision plan automatically cancel?

No. If you have an individual vision plan you bought directly from VSP and plan to switch to coverage through FEDVIP, you will need to separately cancel your plan by calling us at +1 800.785.0699.

I’m an active duty uniformed service member with vision coverage through TRICARE. Am I eligible for vision coverage through FEDVIP?

No. You will continue to receive vision care coverage from TRICARE as part of your active duty status.

Don’t Forget!

This year’s Federal Benefits Open Season runs from November 12 through December 10, 2018, with coverage effective January 1, 2019.

If you still have questions about FEDVIP vision coverage, you can check out more information about VSP at

If you’re still not sure about eligibility, there are tools available on the TRICARE and BENEFEDS websites that can help.

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