We See, A Child Eye Health Project: Keamogetswe’s Story

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Keamogetswe, an 11-year-old student in Soweto, South Africa, loves school—especially his Social Science, English, Maths and Afrikaans classes. Last year, he began finding it difficult to concentrate because he had trouble seeing and, not surprisingly, his grades started to fall.

In South Africa today, there are fewer than 300 optometrists available in the public sector for a population of 41 million, which means that many—like Keamogetswe, who had never had an eye exam—go without much-needed eye care. Luckily, Keamogetswe’s family heard about the optometry clinic at the Nike Football Training Centre, which was launched in April 2014 as part of We See, A Child Eye Health Project.

He’s one of more than 33,000 students in Soweto who have received vision screenings—and nearly 1,500 students who have received comprehensive eye exams—through We See. The project is a unique collaboration that teams VSP Global businesses with Brien Holden Vision Institute and the Gauteng Province Ministries of Health and Education with the aim of reducing uncorrected visual impairment among students by 90%.

It’s just one of the ways that, with 60 years of experience, VSP continues to fulfill our mission to help people see, which ultimately helps them see what’s possible.

With his new Nike Vision glasses, donated by Marchon Eyewear, Keamogetswe says, “We are all very happy because now my marks have been improving a lot. It shows you what a difference glasses can make,” he said. “And as I want to be a businessman when I grow up, it is very important for me to learn as much as I can.”

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