#WeSeeYouMom: Cara’s Story

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For Cara Kobzeff, a Los Angeles travel agent, becoming a mom wasn’t something she saw in her future, until she became the last hope for her niece Ana and nephew Eli.

In a situation where Ana and Eli’s parents were no longer able to care for them, Cara found herself transitioning from the fun aunt to a full-time mom of two. Doing so meant trading in her West Hollywood lifestyle for a home in the valley and a better school for the kids.

“The biggest fear is not being enough, just not being enough as one person, as one single person. Is there going to be such a huge hole that I can’t fill?”

With Ana almost 7, and Eli coming up on 6, she says that taking care of their emotional needs with all the trauma they’ve been through has been the hardest.

“They didn’t ask for any of this,” said Cara. “They deserve to have the same opportunities as other kids, and they deserve to be happy.”

Cara now finds herself reading parenting blogs and inquiring about the best pediatricians in town instead of searching for the hottest new brunch spot in Paris. It’s a big change, and it’s all in an effort to provide them the best life possible.

Mothers of all kinds are frequently at the front lines when it comes to overseeing their family’s health and well-being. It’s not an easy feat and it doesn’t go unnoticed. #WeSeeYouMom

Watch more of Cara’s story below.


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