#WeSeeYouMom: Lynda’s Story

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“The hardest thing about being a mom is knowing your kids are going to hurt. And when they hurt, there are going to be times when there is nothing you can do about it.”

For Lynda Bettencourt, wife, teacher, and mother of two, the decision to treat her oldest son, who at the age of three was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency, was an emotional and challenging one.

While treatment would require giving him a shot every single day until he was 18 years old, totaling nearly half a million dollars, she shared that the hardest part was, “watching him cry, knowing it was what was best for him, but also knowing I was hurting him.”

Like Lynda, moms are often the chief medical officers of their households, on call 24/7 and the first line of defense when it comes to their family’s health. To those who work tirelessly to raise healthy and strong families of all kinds, thank you. #WeSeeYouMom

Watch more of Lynda’s story:

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  • Sharja says:

    Oh my gosh, my vision newsletter made me cry real tears!!!!!

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