What Kids Want to Ask an Eye Doctor

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School is back in session and in the midst of getting their books, backpacks, and annual eye exams before heading back to class, kids had several burning questions they wanted to ask about their eyes. So we let them! Stephanie Kirschbaum, OD, tackled some of those tough questions on #AskAnEyeDoc.

“What kind of exercises can I do to get X-ray vision?” Angelo, 6 years old

Dr. K says that while maybe not X-ray vision will result, eating fruits and vegetables will help keep your eyes healthy.

“How often do you need to go to the eye doctor?” — Veronica, 11 years old & Anthony, 7 years old

Dr. K says to go every year—even when you’re a little kid. If there is an eye problem, it’s much easier to correct at a younger age.

“Do moms really have eyes in the back of their heads?” — Roman, 5 years old

Dr. K let the secret out by admitting moms don’t really have eyes in the back of their heads … but that doesn’t mean they don’t see everything.

Why does water come out of our eyes when we cry? — Lennie, 6 years old

Dr. K says there’s a little gland in our body that makes tears come out of ours. It also helps wash away the sadness.

Are my itchy eyes normal? — Courtney, 7 years old

Dr. K says it’s best to tell mom or dad because that usually means there’s something in the air that you’re allergic to that might need to be treated.

Can my eyes get sunburned? — Sammie, 5 years old

Dr. K says you would know if your eyes get sunburned because it’s very painful, but it is in fact possible. It’s more common for people who have been on the water or snow because those surfaces reflect more sun into the eyes.

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  • John says:

    If you do not use VSP in the 1 year time, is there a roll ocpver into the next year? Or does the VSP member lose the service for the previous year?

  • thomasena says:

    Hello I was taking Zoloft anxiety medicine, for only 6 days.
    My Dr stopped it because of it making me have heavy breathing. I notice while taking it,I started to have symptoms of a flashing light out the corner of both eyes. Its been 17 days since I stopped the medicine. It has decrease, should I see an eye Dr. now or see if if it continues

  • marielena says:

    is it true that exposing children to Photochromic lenses can damage their sensitivity to light? my daughter is 8 and I was told by my optometrist that it would make her more sensible to sunlight and that since she’s not sensible right now, it would not be a good idea.

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