Why I Changed My Mind About Light-Reactive Lenses

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Whether you’re new to light-reactive lenses (a.k.a. photochromics) or have known about them for years, you’ve probably heard that they can take a while to change from dark to clear. Let’s face it, standing inside in what kind of, sort of looks like sunglasses can make you feel pretty awkward.

Take it from this guy…

Light-Reactive Lenses

This long wait time is one of the most common reasons people say they tend to shy away from trying a pair of light-reactive lenses. But thanks to SunSync Elite, the wait is over!

SunSync Elite is a revolutionary light-reactive lens that changes from dark to clear in…wait for it…seconds not minutes. Now that the long wait time isn’t an issue, we asked three VSP employees who have never tried light-reactive lenses before to take them for a spin and share their thoughts.

Meet Our SunSync Elite Ambassador Panel

Light-Reactive Lenses

Have you tried light-reactive lenses before?

AF: I have not tried photochromic lenses in the past. I’ve always been too afraid due to the long reaction time.

CP: I have never tried them before, but I love SunSync Elite and how fast they change.

AW: This is my very first time using photochromic lenses. It’s nothing like I expected, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised throughout this journey. There has always been a negative stigma tied to photochromic lenses because of how long it takes for them to turn from dark to clear when out of the sun.

You’ve tried SunSync Elite for about four months now, what do you think?

AF: The convenience is SO nice.

CP: I love that when you’re wearing them, your eyes can’t tell when the lenses go dark. So, while the lenses are changing, your eyes see the same clear vision the whole time. I feel kind of cool, when people get so impressed with how fast they change.

AW: My opinion of using photochromic lenses has totally changed. My SunSync Elite lenses change so fast! I went to walk my dog and these babies kept up with me inside and outside. I think these lenses are perfect for protecting my eyes from the sun. I love that it’s basically a two for one.

How have SunSync Elite light-reactive lenses made a difference in your day-to-day life?

AF: I think it’s made me a better caretaker of my eyes. I typically wear contact lenses which allow me to use sunglasses. However, I often don’t remember my sunglasses, and I don’t have special blue light protective lenses on my glasses. My SunSync Elite lenses are truly all-in-one, so when I wear them, my eyes are protected no matter what.

CP: It’s taken the guesswork out of protecting my eyes. On bright, sunny days, it’s easy to remember to wear my sunglasses, but since I work indoors, sometimes I can’t quite tell what the weather is going to be like. My SunSync Elite lenses let me pop outside for a quick coffee or lunch on the patio without having to wonder if I should bring my sunglasses or not.

AW: Anytime I wear my SunSync Elite lenses, I don’t have to worry about the hassle of carrying a second pair of prescription sunglasses with me everywhere.

How Can I Get My Pair?

Speed, convenience, protection. It’s everything you could have asked from your light-reactive lenses. Want to learn more? Ask your VSP network eye doctor about SunSync Elite and if it might be right for you.

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