Why Vision Care is Always Part of My Family’s Open Enrollment

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We recently shared how to navigate open enrollment like a pro but also think it’s important to share the perspective of a VSP member and real-life pro going through the process. Having gone through open enrollment many times, Mandi shares her perspective. Mandi has had vision care coverage for as long as she can remember. She is now a mom of three and oversees her family’s health. Find out why eye care has always been top of mind for her and now her family.

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  • How long have you had VSP? I have had VSP Vision Care coverage for most of my life. I was first listed under my parent’s insurance and after getting a job with a school district, I was then re-enrolled with my coverage through them. I currently have coverage under my husband’s benefits package, as I am now a stay at home mom to three beautiful children.
  • Why is vision care important to you and your family? I am very lucky to have 20/20 eye sight, but as I am aging I am becoming more concerned. Both of my parents wear glasses, which they started to wear when they were in their 40’s. My husband also wears glasses since he was a young child, which has raised my concern for our children’s eyesight.
  • Did you think enrolling in vision care coverage was going to be hard? I was hopeful for an easy enrollment, and it turns out it was as simple as checking a box to add vision coverage to my benefits.
  • How did you feel when you enrolled knowing your family is now covered? It was reassuring to know that we had vision coverage for all members in my family. As a parent, you are always concerned with your children’s wellbeing, including their eyesight. Knowing that we have vision benefits not only gives me security that their daily eye care needs are met, but also if an emergency were to happen, we have comprehensive vision coverage if we need it.
  • What would you tell someone putting off enrolling due to thinking its complex and or unnecessary? I would explain that the process is very easy, and that there aren’t any unexpected hoops that you need to jump through.
  • Did you know a comprehensive eye exam can reveal much more than a prescription, but it can also detect signs of serious illnesses like diabetes and hypertension? I didn’t know that having a comprehensive eye exam could reveal other health concerns. It is comforting to know that when we are seen by the eye doctor, we are in good hands. I also like that the eye doctors are looking for more than the quality of my eyesight.

Now that you have all the advice and tips in hand, find out how you can enroll in VSP Vision Care. Remember, open enrollment is also the perfect time to review yearly changes in your plan such as premiums, deductibles, co-pays, and network coverage.

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